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Smart-Tag Information

All High School General Education Students MUST RENEW SMART-TAG BUS PASSES EACH SCHOOL YEAR TO RIDE THE SCHOOL BUS. Renew by clicking on the Smart-Tag Order Form below.

The SMART-Tag system is software that allows our transportation administration team to oversee all school bus activity. This will ensure that all transported students are loaded onto the correct bus as well as unloaded at the appropriate stops.

For parents, there is a web-based Parent Portal that will provide access for parents to sign up for SMART-Tag alerts and receive emails or text messages when their child’s bus is approximately 10-15 minutes away from their stop. Parents can go through the sign-up process on the “Locate My Student” tab. There are two important questions you must answer when registering your student. You must select AVSTA when entering your student's school district, and when entering the student ID number, you must enter your student's 10-digit Student State ID.  If you need assistance getting the Student State ID, call your student's school. Parents, please note that Transportation Release Information is now being processed through the Portal.  Assign guardian(s) for your student during registration, you may also add guardians or make changes at any time.  

  • To order in person, come to the AVSTA office; 670 West Avenue L-8, Lancaster. This service is available to High School students for New and Replacement passes only. 



23-24 Smart-Tag Order form

Littlerock High School Bus Route Information



Late Bus Services

LHS will once again be providing a late bus for students participating in tutoring, activities, and/or athletics starting Tuesday, September 5th, 2023. The bus will depart the school at 5:30pm and will run Monday through Friday.

In order to ride the students must have the following:

1. Completed contract returned to athletics/activities Secretary. 

2. School ID

3. Valid smart tag bus pass

4. Tutoring/activity sticker on your bus pass. (see athletics/activities office )