Antelope Valley School District

Mission and Vision


Our Mission  

The Mission of Littlerock High School is to provide a safe and secure setting that promotes personal and academic growth wherein students are given comprehensive and challenging opportunities to become productive citizens.

Our Vision

The Littlerock High School staff values education as a life-long learning process. We provide a secure environment and support instruction that empowers students to be successful in career and postsecondary options to encourage the development of responsible and proactive citizens.

School Goals

  • Ensure that students are academically proficient and prepared for college and career ready.
  • Provide a 21st Century learning environment and rigorous curriculum that allows students to have multiple experiences and opportunities for academic, collegiate, professional, and personal growth.
  • Cultivate a safe and secure, positive school culture that supports all students personal and academic growth.
  • Communicate effectively with all stakeholders and continue to build relationships in the community that help provide our students with innovative educational opportunities.


Cognitive, Competent, and Critical Thinkers who:

  • Demonstrate the ability to be self-evaluative, self-reflective adults who can assess their strengths and weaknesses and demonstrate the ability to make good decisions leading to self-correction, goal-setting and success.

Effective communicators who:

  • Receive, interpret and respond appropriately to verbal and non-verbal messages and use oral and written language effectively.
  • Lifelong Learners who:Aggressively pursue learning and demonstrate an instilled desire for excellence and success through goal-oriented persistence and demonstrate marketability in post-high school careers and/or college.
  • Responsible Citizens who:Practice respect of self, others and the environment as demonstrated by the ability to make and meet personal, career, and social commitments.
  • Globally Competent users of technology who:Demonstrate 21st century research skills and the stamina, persistence and collaborative skills and who develop and utilize strategies that demonstrate adaptability to meet the needs of a changing workplace.


Alma Mater

Our hearts we raise, As we sing our praise,

To our Lobo pride, All Hail!

We'll stand side by side, For that Lobo pride,

Our hearts will never fail.

To our own Alma Mater, Littlerock, We'll be true.

To you we hold our colors, The silver, green

and blue!


AB 9. Pupil rights: Bullying. The existing law provides that it is the policy of the state to afford all persons in public schools, regardless of their disability, gender, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristics that is contained in the definition of Hate Crimes, equal rights and opportunities in the state educational institutions. It is the purpose of existing legislation to prohibit acts that are contrary to the policy and to provide resources for it.


AB 1266, Pupil rights: sex segregated school programs and activities. Existing law prohibits public schools from discriminating on the basis of specified characteristics, including gender, gender identity, and gender expression, and specifies various statements of legislative intent and the policies of the state in that regard. Existing law requires that participation in a particular physical education activity or sport, if required of pupils of one sex, be available to pupils of each sex.