Antelope Valley School District

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Mission of Littlerock High School is to offer a safe and secure setting that promotes personal and academic growth where in students are provided with creative and challenging opportunities to become productive citizens.

Vision Statement

The Littlerock High School staff believes that education is a lifelong learning process that empowers students to develop personal, academic, aesthetic, technical, and communication skills. Further, we support career-based instruction in a secure environment that encourages the development of students as proactive citizens.

Alma Mater

Our hearts we raise, As we sing our praise,

To our Lobo pride, All Hail!

We'll stand side by side, For that Lobo pride,

Our hearts will never fail.

To our own Alma Mater, Littlerock, We'll be true.

To you we hold our colors, The silver, green

and blue!