Antelope Valley School District

A-G Requirements

CEEP (School Codes):
> LHS: 051418
> AVC: 004005


The University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) require entering freshmen to complete certain courses in high school. These courses are called the "a-g" courses because of the letter each subject area is assigned: "a" is for History/Social Science, "b" is for English, and so on. To receive "a-g" credit, a high school course must be certified through the UC course approval process.

Here is the list of "a-g", with the number of years required in each subject. UC recommends additional years in some areas as indicated.

a. History / Social Science (2 years)
b. English (4 years)
c. Mathematics (3 years, UC recommends 4)
d. Laboratory Science (2 years, UC recommends 3)
e. Language Other than English (2 years, UC recommends 3)
f. Visual / Performing Arts (1 year)
g. College Preparatory Elective (1 year)


Students that need a Letter of Recommendation should complete a Brag Sheet and give it to their Counselor or teacher at least a week before they need the letter.