Antelope Valley School District

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement (AP)

Students at Littlerock High School are encouraged to take the most rigorous coursework possible in order to provide them with an enriching educational experience that affords them the academic preparation necessary to ready
themselves for an enriching post-secondary experience. In order to ensure that students are ready for the university setting, Advanced Placement courses are offered and taught at a much more rigorous level than the core curriculum
offered at Littlerock High School. Because students have the potential to earn college credit for these classes, instructors are teaching the classes at a college level. Students will be required to do extensive critical thinking and writing.

These courses are yearlong courses and students are expected to remain in the course for the entire year. Advanced Placement courses earn a .02 weighted grade point factor if they earn a grade of C or better, and have the ability
to earn college credit if scoring a 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement subject tests that they can take in May of each school year.

Students choosing AP level courses will not have the option of leveling down during the first semester regardless of the course rigor. Because AP courses are college level courses being taught at the high school, students must utilize available resources to be successful in their classes, students will not be dropped due to poor performance.

AP Classes offered at Littlerock

  • Biology AP
  • Calculus AB AP
  • Calculus BC AP
  • Chemistry AP
  • Computer Science Principles AP
  • English Language & Composition AP
  • English Literature & Composition AP
  • Government & Politics US AP
  • Human Geography AP
  • Psychology AP
  • Spanish Language & Culture AP
  • Spanish Literature & Culture AP
  • Statistics AP
  • Studio Art 2-D AP
  • Studio Art 3-D AP
  • US History AP
  • World History AP