Antelope Valley School District

Behavioral Science

AVID Health Survey / Healthful Living 03092 / 03094
1 year course – 5 health credits per semester
Open to Grade: 9–12
Description: Healthful Living, a general health class, is based on the philosophy that prevention, education, and the application of this information is essential to lifelong wellness. The course offers enriching experiences for the pupil to recognize the extensive techniques available to deal with such teenage experiences as low self-esteem, stress, peer pressure, substance use and abuse, teenage sexuality, and decision-making leading to constructive life goals. Additional health subjects, such as nutrition and eating disorders, diseases, personal relationships, human reproduction, sexually transmitted diseases, and child abuse, are taught with an emphasis on the practical aspects of adjusting healthfully to life experiences. Students are encouraged to discuss the various healthful living topics with their families. It is our intention that the values and morals of the family unit are strengthened as a result of this parent/child communication.

Peer Helping 03095
1 year course – 5 elective credits per semester
Open to grades: 11-12
Prerequisites: Application/Interview process as well as a 3-day commitment during the summer; two for training and one for Freshman Orientation
Description: The Peer Resource course is a peer assistance program offering students the opportunity to work as trained peer facilitators with other students. Participants will be trained in a variety of helping skills which will enable them to assist other students in having a more positive and productive school experience. Positive peer influence will be utilized as a strategy for addressing such issues as low achievement, dropout prevention, substance abuse prevention, suicide,
absenteeism, and negative attitudes about school, behavior problems, and other issues of concern in the school.