Antelope Valley School District

11th Grade Honors English

Summer Reading Requirements

The following text is required reading. Students must read the following selection:

Tuesdays with Morrie- Mitch Albom

Some requirements for reading this novel will be for you to read and keep a written reading log/dialectical journal. You will want to keep notes and write reflectively as you read; focus on writing every 10 pages or each chapter whichever helps you understand the works: choose a passage from the book, basically have a conversation with the book/author. It may include--

  1. Anything you do not understand or that is questionable
  2. Anything you think is especially important/ characters
  3. Anything that invokes strong feeling/emotion
  4. Information about the author and time period of literature

Each entry should include the following:

  • Brief summary of what is going on at this point of the novel
  • Reason for selecting this passage
  • Reactions, beliefs, opinions questions about this passage
  • List the following literary elements that you recognize in the passage.

These include:

  1. character development (major/minor characters, static or dynamic)
  2. setting development
  3. types of conflict (man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. society, man vs. himself)
  4. Figurative language (metaphors, similes, allusions, personification, etc.)
  5. foreshadowing
  6. flashbacks
  7. theme
  8. predictions or expectations relating to the story.

Upon return to school, students will be expected to engage in discussion and take a comprehensive exam on all novels. Writing journals will be turned in within the first week of school. The test can be worth up to one half of your first quarter grade. Do not base your work on any movie!!


Dear Parents,

Some suggested readings contain mature subject materials that may not be suitable for some audiences, yet they do show up often on AP tests.  Please be aware that in all higher level classrooms and college courses controversial materials will be covered throughout the course of the semester.  It is suggested that if there is any conflict based on religious or cultural belief, please make arrangements before May 25 th with the AP teacher for alternate readings.

If you have any further questions please contact: Ms. Haynes (944-5209 x201) or

Thank you,

Ms. Haynes- English Department Chair.