Antelope Valley School District

12th Grade Honors English

Summer Reading Requirements

The following texts are required reading. Students must read all of the selections and keep Cornell style notes with summaries throughout the texts.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

PLUS Bible readings**- important for understanding allusion in early British and American Literature: (**The King James Version of the Bible is recommended)

Please read:

The Book of Genesis

The Book of Exodus (Chapters 1-20)

The Gospel According to St. John


Some advice for reading these novels/books would be for you to read them and highlight or use post-it notes. You will want to keep notes and write reflectively as you read, focus on:

  1. Anything you do not understand or that is questionable
  2. Anything you think is especially important/characters
  3. Anything that invokes strong feeling/emotion
  4. Author biographical information and time period

Upon return to school, students will be expected to turn in Cornell notes with summaries and engage in discussion and take a comprehensive exam on all novels and Biblical texts.


Some of the suggested readings may contain mature subject materials that may not be suitable for some audiences. The use of the Bible as literature in no way conveys religious beliefs shared by the teachers, school, or school district. Please be aware that in all higher level classrooms and college courses controversial materials will be covered throughout the course of the semester. It is suggested that if there is any conflict based on religious or cultural belief, please make arrangements before May 13th with the AP teacher for alternate readings.

If you have any further questions please contact one the following teachers:  Ms. Haynes (944-5209 x201) or, or Ms Mims at ext. 102.

Thank you,

Ms. Joanie Haynes – English Department Chair