Antelope Valley School District


Our Counselors are very dedicated to the LHS students'needs and will assist you in any way they can.

Parents are encouraged to call the Guidance Clerk, Mrs. Karen DeVoll, at (661) 944-5209 extension 376 to make an appointment if they want to meet with their student's counselor for any reason; drop ins may not be able to see a counselor as we schedule our appointments and classroom activities ahead of time.

Students should come into the Guidance Office during their free time before or after school, or during break or lunch to make an appointment to see their counselor if they have questions or concerns.

Parents should receive notices of their student's academic progress approximately every five weeks. If parents have any questions in between the progress reports, they can view their students records via the parent portal in PowerSchool or contact their student's teachers directly via telephone or e-mail. Any student who is struggling in a core class and/or earning a D or F grade at any time, should take advantage of the Teacher-Led Tutoring offered before and after school.

The Student Support Services Program at Littlerock High School (LHS) has been created based on the Comprehensive Competency-Based National Standards (CCBG) of the American School Counseling Association (ASCA). Our program's implementation insures that all students acquire competencies needed for educational planning, career planning, inter-personal communication, and responsibility to self and community. LHS's 2016-2017 Student Support Services team is comprised of four Guidance Counselors, an Academic Office Pupil Services Technician, a College/Career Center Pupil Services Technician, a Community Attendance Worker, a Data Technician, an English as a Second Language Leaner Coordinator, a Guidance Office Clerk, a Nurse and Health Office Technician, a Registrar, two School Psychologists, a Special Education Teacher on Special Assignment, and a Work Experience Coordinator. Joining the core team in the Guidance Office on a part-time basis, there is also an Antelope Valley College Counselor representative on Tuesday mornings and a Career Technology Education Counselor on Thursdays and Fridays.

All Counselors provide academic, career, college, and personal/social services to all students. Examples of some of the services offered include: conducting counseling groups based on student need, reviewing transcripts with students in preparation for graduation, and discussing alternative ways to retrieve credits, if needed. In addition, the counselors present information in the classroom setting and during evening presentations regarding academic skills, career and college choices, and personal/social issues.