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ARMY ROTC 1 13580

PE Credit

ARMY ROTC 2 13581

PE Credit

ARMY ROTC 3 13584

Elective Credit

ARMY ROTC 4 13585

Elective credit
Prerequisite: None

Requirements: The student will be required to wear a uniform at least once a week. Students must present a proper military appearance. Some of the requirements for males would be that they be clean-shaven, except that a trimmed mustache can be worn. No earrings will be worn during class, and hair will be kept short, natural color, and groomed. Females, while in uniform can wear a conservation nail polish, and their hair must be styled up off of the uniform collar. The students must also be able to work cooperatively with students of different personalities, race, and gender. The student should be motivated, self- disciplined, dependable, and work under close supervision.

The Army ROTC Program will offer students the opportunity to prepare for a career in the military, or it could lead to the selection of a cadet to a military academy. The Army is one of the world’s largest employers, with over 200 specialties that are offered to entry level soldiers. The Army has a proud history of faithful service to the nation. The nation counts on the Army to be an organized, trained, disciplined, and versatile force. The Littlerock Army ROTC Program will mirror these standards by providing students training in basic military skills. Students will learn to march, conduct military ceremonies, teamwork, citizenship, combat tactics, and military history. The Army ROTC Program will also prepare students to pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), which is required prior to enlistment in the military.

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